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Videos to help you vote

How to vote for the senate

Senate voting has changed this election. Learn how these changes affect you and your vote.

Why you get two ballot papers

How to vote for the house of reps

Make sure you know how to vote in your local electorate.

Why you get two ballot papers

Women Vote 2016

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The five National Women’s Alliances have come together to encourage women to use their votes in the 2016 Federal election. We think that it’s important that women’s voices are heard in this election. We want women to vote in a way that reflects the diverse lives and experiences of women in Australia.

But really using your vote means more than just turning up on election day and sticking your ballot in the box. Your vote needs to be effective, informed, and independent.

To cast an effective ballot, you need to know the rules about filling out your ballot forms. If you get this wrong, your vote may not count, which is a waste of your voice! Find information about how to cast an effective ballot here and watch the animations above.

To cast an informed ballot, you need to know about the policies and opinions of the candidates in your seat and the parties they represent. You also need to have thought about what matters to you and made a decision about which candidates best reflect your interests and needs. Find information about how to make an informed decision here.

To cast an independent ballot, you need to make up your own mind about who to vote for. Find information about casting an independent ballot here.

Find out more about the National Women’s Alliances (NWAs).

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You have until 6pm Saturday, 2 July to use your vote.


women! get involved.

raise awareness In Three Easy Steps:

3 easy steps

Tell your friends this election you are using your vote. You can do this by taking a photo with our Use Your Vote poster and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. By using your vote you are enrolling, checking out the policies on offer and casting a formal ballot. When your vote reflects your beliefs and your experiences every one of us benefits. Women! Use your vote.